The Brackenwood Wildlife Documentary Series, usually shortened to BWDS, is an ongoing series of animated shorts describing the different creatures living on Brackenwood, written and animated by Adam Phillips and narrated by A.K. Alfadel. The music in the episodes are composed by Lee Darkin-Miller, who scored The YuYu and the cancelled Dashkin game. The first episode, which is about the fatsack, was released on June 22, 2016. The second episode, which is currently in production, is going to be about prowlies.

Episodes Edit

The following episodes is in chronological order, however not all of them are finished or releaed at this point.

  1. Fatsack (released June 22, 2016)
  2. Prowlies (in production)
  3. Morrugs (not yet in production)

The following episodes, in no particular order, has been announced.

  • Blood-Coats
  • Chizel-Lizards
  • Giribus
  • Mood Birds
  • Dandeants
  • Feathergnats
  • Umbrellaflies
  • Salmogs

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