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Bitey, the last of the Dashkin.

The Dashkin is a race of extremely quick creatures who used to live in hundreds on Brackenwood at the same time as the Viccans, before the two peoples vanished due to largely unknown events. Bitey is the last of these people. Today the nature of the Dashkin and the Viccans, and who they were, is a mystery, only known by the last Viccan Lemonee Wee and the Auld Sage. Like the Viccans, the Dashkin spoke the Sarus language, adopted for use from the YuYu.

Dashkin lived mostly in family groups, hunting and gathering. They enjoyed contests of speed and agility but also had a fledgling culture of art and music influenced and encouraged by the peaceful Viccans. They wore tailored clothing, styled their hair and decorated their horns and hooves with colour and personal designs.

The Dashkin people had little need for a leader but one notable family was that of Staed, a strong and charismatic Dashkin.

History Edit

Anatomy Edit

Dashkin and Viccans

Two Dashkin and a Viccan.


Two Dashkin.

Dashkin are humanoid creatures, part goat and part human-like. Their upper bodies safe for their heads are largely hairless, resembling a human's, while the lower bodies, the legs, resembles a goat's legs, with brown fur and hooves. Their heads are covered in brown fur as well, and their eyes are large and glowing white. They have a pair of horns protruding from their foreheads.

Speed Edit

Dashkin are powerful horned folk with a natural gift of speed. They were the fastest creatures living on Brackenwood, until they mysteriously vanished, leaving only one member of their species behind.

Trivia Edit

  • The Dashkin are inspired largely by mythical creatures such as the satyrs of Greek mythology and the fauns of Ancient Roman mythological belief.

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