The Giribus (plural Giribi) is a relatively tall species of bird-looking lizard.


A group of Giribi.

History Edit

The Last of the Dashkin Edit

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While observing animals enjoying the closeness of their own kins, Bitey saw a Giribus nest with two hatchlings being fed by one of their parents.

Habitat Edit

Giribi inhabit densely wooded areas, building nests which they lay and hatch their eggs in, and keeps and feeds their offspring in.

Behaviour Edit

Giribi graze in widely scattered groups. Their honking call can be heard over great distances.

Anatomy Edit

Giribi are well equipped for defense and attack, with claws, spurs, a heavy tail, a hooked beak and a wicked bony 'keel' protruding from their undersides. They move very fast on ground, and can leap high over large obstacles like brambles, boulders and even trees. Male Giribi have long, pointy jowls on either side of their heads while females lack them.

Trivia Edit

  • The Giribus have the apperance of being a hybrid between a lizard and a flightless bird, however that was not the inspiration for the creature.