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A Salmog running quickly through water.

Salmogs are amphibious creatures, whose name and appearance suggests that they are a strange cross between a salamander and a frog. They feed on algae above and underwater.

Habitat Edit

Salmogs dwell near water.

Behaviour Edit

Anatomy Edit

Salmogs are tiny, amphibious creatures have a vaguely fish-like shape, with a single fin running down its bag and long, pointy tail, but have two legs with three-toed webbed feet. Their name suggest that they are a strange cross between a salamander and a frog.



  • Adam Phillips have said that the salmog was "just an incidental amphibious creature." implying that it is just one of Brackenwood's lesser significant creatures.
  • The Salmog was originally called the Salamog to emphasise the salamander part of the creature design. The name was changed in 2017.

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