This article is about the "objects" known as waterlollies. For the animated short of the same name go to Waterlollies (episode).

Waterlollies, otherwise called "Storm Eggs", are relatively small spheres of highly condensed water-like syrup with a tough, transparent shell no larger then a fist, that forms and falls from storm clouds in the sky during musical storms with the rain. They resemble small clear spheres with water contained within. The shock of hitting the ground usually triggers a reaction that weakens the skin somewhat, making the waterlolly instantly become approximately 9 times the size. The skin of the object is then thin enough to pierce and drink the water, which is said to taste like nectar and cure any pains the drinker may have. Waterlollies are also useful for aiding in the growth of plant seedlings.

During a musical storm many waterlollies falls on the ground and becomes shocked and enlarged, however some falls into rivers and lakes and do not get shocked and enlarged. These floating waterlollies will dissolve after three days and be gone. The skin of full sized waterlollies will break within one day in the sun and release water that is very good for life on Brackenwood, due to its ability to immediately make fast growth in all plants.

History Edit

After they fall, waterlollies are collected by Lemonee Wee and fed to young, rare and sick plants.

Usages Edit

The syrup inside the sphere has strange healing qualities and traditionally, Viccans used them to care for sick plants and cure ailments in people and animals.

They can also be consumed, with a small hole pierced in the shell to prevent potentially dangerous expansion due to shocking. The water within tastes pleasant and cure all pains. The egg is kept in the mouth all day, usually taking that long to dissolve. It had an invigorating effect and was very useful for keeping up energy during long periods of hard work.

If placed in the mouth without piercing a hole, there was a real danger that the sphere could expand violently and suddenly, splitting the face open and breaking teeth and jaws.